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Gone, but not forgotten the magnificent Roxy Theater in New York once stood as the ultimate movie palace.

The following article was originally published in The Film Daily on March 13, 1927, and is reproduced her for study.

Sadly, the decline in attendance that had begun in the 1950's spilled over into the early-1960's and the Roxy Theatre, despite numerous protests, was razed in 1961. In its place sits a nondescript and unremarkable office building. The neighboring Taft Hotel survives to this day (now the Michangelo Hotel) and is the only evidence that this epic structure was ever here. A TGI Friday's restaurant occupies the theatres' original entrance.

The legacy of the Roxy Theatre is almost as impressive as the theater itself once was. The name 'Roxy' has since adorned movie theaters, nightclubs, restaurants and a host of other establishments around the world all attempting to give to their patrons what Roxy always brought to his own: entertainment.

The end of the Roxy Theatre signified the beginning of the end for thousands of movie palaces across the country. With its destruction, New York City began to destroy its past for urban renewal and the city, and movie palaces, have never been the same.

Gloria Swanson standing in the rubble of the Roxy . . . the end of an era.